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Street life in Camden

All I did was come out of the tube cross the road and walk unto the bridge cross the road and walk back down the road. The whole project took 15 minutes to shoot. Ive inserted colour versions and black and white as I feel both work.

Camden 27Camden 1Camden B&W 1 Camden B&W 2 Camden B&W 3 Camden B&W 4 Camden B&W 5 Camden B&W 7 Camden B&W 11 Camden B&W 14 Camden B&W 17


Graffiti in Spitalfields

Spitalfields 1 Spitalfields 2 Spitalfields 3

Graffiti in Spitalfields



Chapter 1 of the FotoZine journal capturing the underground Music Scene in London.

Chapter 1 of the FotoZine journal capturing the underground Music Scene in London.










In the First Chapter, Im calling them Chapters as it’s telling a story really as bands come and go as do the members in them, along with the venues, here in London. Covering Events from Camden Crawl and Adam Ant to the intimacy of the a Playhard event at the Lucky Pig Cocktail bar to the dark and amazing Delooze at Electoworkz. and Water Rats where the lighting engineer could not light a match thus some very muted shots ( Red Lighting should be outlawed ) of ManFlu and Mark Morriss of the Bluetones
Chapter 1 covers all genres of Music that I have shot in the first half of this year.

I’ve set up a new magazine showcasing my work and band I have covered.

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FotoZine Chapter 1

FotoZine Chapter 1 is now Live well it was a manic 24 hours it together after circumstances beyond my control meant I was on my own regarding the publication so after streamlining the publication, It now just deals with telling story of bands in pictures. I hope you enjoy.

Chapter 1 of the FotoZine journal capturing the underground Music Scene in London.

Chapter 1 of the FotoZine journal capturing the underground Music Scene in London.












Respect for Artists

Last night I found it quite appalling how we treat our Musicians in this country for the second time in a row, patrons talked loudly over the artists on stage, if you want to go out to just talk go to the pub. In the states people respect their artists, one artist on stage started saying anything she wanted no one took the blindest bit of notice I went up and spoke to her afterwards and she was used to it over here.

Last time one artist yelled shut up at these two women shouting loudly next to the stage, several of us joined in and they moved. it’s not rite!

Trouble is though it’s the same with any art form, people just think it’s theirs just to take, it’s like photography, respect for the craft and skill has all but completely dissipated, my mentor summed it up.
” Lots of people take great shots, but they have no idea why or how, when they true to recreate it they don’t understand why they can not do it “

Tour De France Photos on CNN

The Tour De France London Stage came 10 minutes from my home, so went out and took some photos which have been published on CNN’s iReport

Scores of fans lined the streets of Walthamstow, a northeast suburb of London, as Tour De France competitors raced through on Monday. This was the entry point into London, where racers advanced to Epping and then to central London. Freelance photographer Rupert Hitchcox says the experience was “pretty intense,” but “it was all over in no time at all.”

For any photographers wondering how to capture the action before it’s gone, Hitchcox offered the following advice: “Be prepared. Things happen very quickly so constantly scout for odd moments, like the two cyclists chatting or the drinks being handed out, and try and get a picture of the leader.”
– zdan, CNN iReport producer
The Tour De France arrived in London today, these shots taken as the Tour goes through Walthamstow in the northeast of London




Sticklers Single Launch

Sticklers Single Launch

The Sticklers Mr Need Love / Obiageli single launch at The Monarch in Camden lasnight.